5 great tools to help your child with math this summer

  1. If we had to pick a favorite, it would be Right Start Math (PreK-12th). For hands-on learning that gets children really understanding math concepts deeply, we love Right Start Math. It’s easy to use, fun and engaging. Make sure to get the materials to support your child’s learning. This curriculum is loved by families with gifted children and is also a great choice for kids with ADHD, dyscalculia or dysgraphia. The website is a little confusing: they don’t go by grades, so you’ll want to take their placement test to figure out which level to purchase. Visit Right Start. Offline. $100–300/year.
  2. If you can’t get your kid to stop playing video games, they’ll love Prodigy Game (K-8th). For a fun, free on-line game that’s aligned with all state standards, we recommend Prodigy. Several of our students play this game every day at Mastery Learning Hour and have jumped 3–4 grade levels in math over the course of the year. While designed as a supplement to classroom instruction, we find it stands very well on its own if kids watch the videos and use the hints. It’s adaptive, so kids will only move ahead once they’ve mastered a concept. If your kids love video games, this is a no brainer. They will beg you to do math every day. Visit Prodigy. Online. Free.
  3. For an outstanding, nature-based curriculum, choose Wild Math (K-5th). We recently fell in love with this nature-based math curriculum for K-5th graders, designed by a mom and teacher. With quarantine coming to a close, there’s no better excuse to get you and your children outside and learning math. If you want to minimize screen time, this is an excellent choice. It’s very well designed and beloved by families. Visit Wild Math. Offline. $20–30/year
  4. If your child is on the spectrum (or loves comic books), Beast Academy (2nd-5th) is a great choice. This online math game is also a comic book series and includes lots of really fun puzzles and games. Every child who has tried this finds it very entertaining. While not specifically designed for children on the spectrum, we’ve found that autistic children do particularly well with this tool. Visit Beast Academy. Online or Offline. $15/month or $150 for complete year-long bundle.
  5. If your child is dyslexic, Math-U-See (K-12th) is another great, mastery-based program with games and puzzles, offline and online options. It’s not specifically designed for children with dyslexia, but the approach seems to work well for them. Visit Math-U-See. Online or offline. $45 for digital pack.



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Manisha Snoyer (www.modulo.app)

Manisha Snoyer (www.modulo.app)

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